This game is provably fair. This means that there is no way the site can cheat you by picking numbers to make you lose, and you are able to verify the results on your own to ensure accuracy.

Our random numbers are generated through the use of three variables. These are the server seed, bet time ( UTC ) and the client seed. This means that all three variables help determine the number generated; if just one of these changes, the resulting number also changes.

The user is freely able to change the client seed at their own will. The client seed will stay the same until the user changes it again, should they choose to do so.

The time of the bet is an important factor in generating the random number. With this, we have put the player in control of 2 out of 3 variables that are required for generating the lucky number.

Just to remove the last bit of suspicion, we will show you hash of our server seed one bet in advance so this can’t be modified in any way. All information is always visible in the site footer, readily available for you to verify.

You can verify every bet right after number is generated. There is no need to change the seeds, wait a certain amount of time, or anything else; you are in full control.

To verify your provably fair bet, simply take the SHA-512 hash of our server seed, the time of the bet and the client seed. Take the first 8 digits of the new SHA-512 hash and convert it from hex to decimal. You will then need to divide by 42949672.95 [Which is ((2^32-1)/100] in order to get a 0-100 base-10 numeric value. This value will be the resulting roll.

To generate the value, this site hashes the seeds of the bet together using this PHP algorithm:

$serverSeed = $argv[2];
$clientSeed = $argv[3];

$hash = hash('sha512', $serverSeed . $clientSeed);

$value = substr($hash, 0, 8);
$result = round(hexdec($value) / 42949672.95, 2);

echo $result;